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Commercial Air Conditioning, Heating, Cooling Towers, and Refrigeration units  –  Los Angeles

In business, you can’t afford to have your heating and cooling systems operating at less than the peak of performance. You need your offices, warehouses, refrigeration, and cooling towers to function at optimum levels. The success of your team, operations, and business relies on it.  If you are in retail, hospitality, or other customer-facing businesses, you need your customers to feel comfortable within the climate-controlled environment that they spend time. If your HVAC systems are not performing properly it can result in a loss of customers and revenue.

A/C Control Inc provides highly experienced repair, service, installation, and engineering of commercial and industrial HVAC systems in the greater Los Angeles area. Our business is to keep your commercial cooling systems running smoothly. We offer maintenance, repair, and replacement services for all of your commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and cooling systems. Our routine maintenance services ensure your system continues to operate at peak performance and maximum energy efficiency. During our regular tune-up appointments, are highly skilled technicians can also detect the early stages of damage that could eventually result in costly repairs. Should a problem ever be present, we can advise you on the best course of action to prevent future breakdowns and minimize the chance of downtime.

HVAC - Commercial Heating and Cooling in LA

Commercial & Industrial HVAC Solutions

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Los Angeles - Commercial HVAC systems

Commercial HVAC Solutions

Our Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Services Include:

Our qualified commercial HVAC technicians have over 20 years of experience providing quality business HVAC solutions in every industry. Regardless of the solution you need, or the issue that your commercial or industrial application requires, you can rely on AC Control to provide the expertise at an affordable price.

Our Los Angeles Commercial HVAC Services Include:


  • Commercial Heating & Cooling
  • Computer and Server Rooms
  • Commercial Preventive Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Chillers
  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial HVAC
  • Air Quality Solutions
  • Cooling Towers
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems
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Industrial HVAC Applications

Industrial AC Repair, Installation & Maintenance

AC Control has years of experience working with commercial and industrial temperature control equipment. Our expertise in industrial refrigeration systems, water source cooling systems, chillers, cooling towers, gas-electric rooftop packaged units, and more defines our business.

If you want to work with a local HVAC company that delivers exceptional industrial project management, cooling system engineering, and execution in Los Angeles, you can count on AC Control.

Our Los Angeles Industrial HVAC Services Include:


  • Industrial HVAC
  • Computer and Server Rooms
  • Industrial Systems Maintenance
  • Industrial Engineering
  • HVAC Project Management
  • Industrial Chillers & Refrigeration
  • Industrial Air Quality Solutions
  • Cooling Towers

We would love to discuss your industrial HVAC project with you.

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Cooling Towers - Los Angeles

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