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Professional Cooling Tower Installation & Maintenance

Cooling towers are large, expensive, and effective cooling systems for large buildings, so you want professionals with the experience to keep your cooling tower running smoothly – that’s where A/C Control Inc comes in. With over 15 years of commercial HVAC experience, we know what it takes to effectively install, repair, and maintain cooling towers.

Usually, there is only one cooling tower to cool the entire high-rise, as the cost is high and a very lengthy manufacturing process, sometimes taking as long as 6-8 weeks to get delivered to the site. The logistics of transferring the cooling tower is quite challenging, especially in a large city and when the towers are being installed on the roof of a high-rise. A lack of maintenance for cooling towers, just like any other machinery, drastically reduces the life span of this expensive and vital system. That is why our professional and experienced HVAC technicians at A/C Control Inc offer top-quality cooling tower maintenance to businesses and industries throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

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Commercial & Industrial Cooling Tower Maintenance in Los Angeles

Cooling Tower Maintenance Services

These all-important systems need to be maintained properly in order for optimal function. Our team at A/C Control Inc. is experienced in maintaining cooling towers, and we will thoroughly inspect, clean, and treat your system.


Cooling tower maintenance involves:

  1. Water treatment: Water treatment must be done to control chemical, bacteria, and algae build up. The water hardness will lead to heavy scaling which prevents the optimal heat exchange in a cooling tower. Unbalanced pH will lead to corrosion in the basin and walls of the cooling tower. Because no two water treatments are the same, we provide a thorough chemical analysis of your system before treatment begins.

2. Mechanical maintenance: Our technicians will check the oil and components of your cooling tower. Additionally, we will clean the system of debris, check and adjust water levels, pressure wash the coil and offer recommendations on ways to ensure your system lasts as long as possible.

We recommend quarterly maintenance on your cooling tower and our friendly and knowledgeable team will walk you through this preventive maintenance from start to finish. To save energy, money, and headaches, contact A/C Control Inc for cooling tower maintenance today.

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Our Past Work: Cooling Tower Replacement for a Medical Office Building

Cooling Tower Replacement, Installation or Repair

After more than a year of thorough planning with our customer, A/C Control Inc has successfully replaced a medical office building’s cooling tower!

The building’s existing cooling tower was in poor condition as a result of many years of exposure to salt from the air. Thankfully, our team was able to install a new 60-ton cooling tower despite the challenge of having to work around the schedules of the building’s tenants (doctors and nurses) and their patients’ appointments.

In overcoming this challenge, we are proud to say that our engineers and technicians came together as a team to do our job. Not only did we need to replace the existing cooling tower, but we also needed to replace the VFD controls and damaged plumbing.

Thankfully, A/C Control Inc and our experts are always there to get the job done for our customers. Now the medical office building can continue to provide the surrounding community with critical services such as general wellness care, urgent care, diagnostic services, WIC grocery, and even COVID-19 vaccinations!

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