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With years of experience under our belts, A/C Control Inc has successfully completed many residential and commercial HVAC projects. Whether you are looking for high-quality cooling maintenance or cooling tower repairs, our skilled team has specialized training in commercial and industrial property services and can help your company stay comfortable all year round. Below we have only a few of our hundreds of successful commercial projects, so you can see our quality services first-hand. Or, better yet, give us a call today to see for yourself!

Los Angeles - Industrial HVAC Projects

LA Guage – Installation

LA Gauge, an ultra-precision machining company, located in Sun Valley, CA, had 60-year-old heating and air conditioning systems. They were paying a lot for repairs and electricity while their staff remained uncomfortable. They wanted to replace all the systems, but they were very concerned about interruption to their production since they have two shifts of operation. Their shop produces parts for companies like JPL, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and other major aerospace leaders, meaning disruption to their services would equal a loss of profits. So, they wanted to replace the system during the Christmas holidays to avoid any interruption. But their worst nightmare happened and their systems in the shop completely died in the middle of July!

A/C Control Inc’s team immediately started the work and managed to give them cold air in a few days. All 12 rooftop packaged systems along with associated external ducts were replaced without any interruption to their operation at the shop and their offices.

LA Guage – Air Quality

While servicing their AC, our team noticed that LA Gauge machine shop had an air quality problem. A/C Control Inc installed six new shop air purifiers for these 80,000 sf metals shop. Within 1 week the odors from different chemicals dropped to nearly zero. The dust and pollution were also captured for excellent indoor air quality.LA Gauge management and staff were very pleased with the result.

Another challenge in this project was to maintain a low temperature for their inspection room and high precision machining room, required for their highly sensitive measurements. A/C Control Inc added high-performance cooling systems. These types of systems are specifically designed for data rooms, computer rooms and server rooms.

Rosemead Retail Shopping Stores

A/C Control Inc was the project manager and HVAC contractor for a new retail shopping building in the City of Rosemead. The building has five individual stores, with each store having its own HVAC system. Getting permits from the City was a big concern for the Owner and prior to installation, A/C Control Inc met with the safety building officials and made sure a clear understanding of the requirements.

The next step was the installation, which consists of the following activities: 

  • opening the roof for supply and return plenums 
  • building the platform 
  • installing the supply and return plenums 
  • installing the equipment.

City officials inspected each of these steps and the project went without rebuke. The owner of the facility was thrilled with the results.

Commercial Ventilation Los Angeles

Medical Office Building Cooling Tower Replacement

A medical office building’s existing cooling tower was in poor condition after many years of salt exposure from the air. After longer than a year of careful planning with our customer, though, A/C Control Inc completed the cooling tower replacement!

A major challenge this project presented was figuring out how to schedule our work around the building’s daily operation, which included a lot of activity from tenants such as doctors and nurses, as well as their patients.

Despite this challenge, we successfully removed the existing cooling tower and maneuvered a new 60-ton unit into place. Our engineers and technicians came together as a strong team to replace the cooling tower, VFD controls, and damaged plumbing.

Thanks to our skilled team members, our customer’s medical office building can continue providing the surrounding community with a wide variety of services such as a WIC grocery, general wellness care, diagnostic services, urgent care, and even COVID-19 vaccinations!

Cooling Tower Overhaul

An office building on Barrington Avenue in Los Angeles had an over 20-year-old cooling tower that needed a major overhaul. During the previous maintenance by another company, all internal components such as fill, drift eliminator, louvers, and its supports were either completely removed or replaced with aftermarket components!

The replacement of the original manufacturer fills with aftermarket had decreased the performance and efficiency of the cooling tower.

So, the challenge was to remove all damaged internals, remove all rust that built up over many years, sanding, pressure washing, priming, installing new tower fill, lining the internals with a special waterproof sealant, rebuild the tower, and start-up in a four day weekend!

The property management was very concerned about the duration of the project because the repair was taking place on the hot 4th of July weekend and they did not want the office building to open without air conditioning. A/C Control Inc was able to finish the job in three days! The client was very pleased to see the system up and running.