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For any place of business, heating and air conditioning is a crucial facet of maintaining a healthy and productive working environment. Studies have shown how the lack of comfortable HVAC within a working space will negatively affect employees’ performance and overall ability to work. In the hospitality industry, especially restaurants and hotels, customers will leave and/or write negative reviews if the indoor atmosphere is unsavory. When HVAC systems are outdated, need repairs or simply don’t work as they should, it affects the entire business and its reputation.

At A/C Control Inc (ACC), we understand how important HVAC systems are to businesses throughout Los Angeles, which is why our team proudly offers preventive maintenance on your commercial heating and cooling systems.


Commercial HVAC Maintenance - LA, California

Honest HVAC Maintenance for Your Local Business


Commercial HVAC Maintenance

All HVAC systems need to be properly maintained to achieve the best performance and longevity of the system. Having continuous preventive maintenance, such as cleaning ducts out and routine upgrades will result in long-term savings on energy usage and parts. During maintenance, any required repair will be detected at an early stage and therefore remedying the issues before they get out of hand, costly and cause serious disturbance to a business. ACC will ensure your air conditioning, heating, or refrigeration units are in great shape all year round!

We work tirelessly to ensure your heating and cooling systems run optimally for years to come, saving you time, headaches, and money. Our team understands that you need maintenance without sacrificing time spent open, which is why we offer our services on weekends and outside of normal business hours, so you never have to give up making money for maintenance. We have successfully completed dozens of commercial HVAC projects, and know what it takes to make Los Angeles business owners and property managers feel taken care of.

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