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Customized Data Center and Cooling Systems for Businesses Throughout the Greater LA Area

Server and computer rooms need diligent and consistent cooling. This vital aspect of any business can be easy to forget about it but the risks associated with excessive heat or dryness on servers should not be overlooked. At A/C Control Inc, we understand how crucial data systems and computers are to businesses throughout Los Angeles, and we work hard to ensure these technologies are protected through high-quality and highly tailored cooling solutions.

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Professional Server Room & Data Center Cooling Solutions

With server rooms and data centers being the epicenter that keeps the business running smoothly, an improperly maintained climate or unexpected temperature jump can result in loss of business due to lost productivity and most importantly, the irretrievable loss of important information, contacts, and data if the equipment is damaged.

Trust A/C Control Inc to regulate the temperature of your valuable computer and server rooms while maintaining the humidity and general atmosphere. There are a lot of engineering and design considerations as well as special equipment needed to provide an optimal temperature for server rooms. With years of experience in engineering and design, A/C Control Inc. can successfully provide your business with the most efficient equipment to keep vital rooms at ideal temperatures.