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Engineering & Project Management Services for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems

For over 25 years, our Los Angeles area engineering team at A/C Control Inc has designed HVAC systems for facilities in many different industries. We are equipped with the knowledge and resources to work collaboratively with builders, contractors, project managers, developers, and architects on residential, commercial, and even industrial projects.

Our HVAC engineering services are suitable for all types of properties, including:

Residential properties
Multi-family properties
Industrial properties
High-rise commercial buildings
Low-rise commercial buildings
Educational facilities
Religious facilities
Medical facilities

Commercial & Industrial HVAC Solutions

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HVAC Design, Engineering & Project Management

Los Angeles HVAC design and engineering

How We Help with HVAC Design

HVAC Design Services

Our consulting engineering services are particularly focused on heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. With so many systems and manufacturers in the market, it can be confusing to know what kind of system will suit your application. You can count on A/C Control Inc to provide you information on the latest technology and find the right solution for your facility and your budget.


Our Industrial & Commercial HVAC Design Services Include:

  • Heating and cooling load calculations – Heat is produced by many different sources. The specific heat load in your facility will depend on the number of occupants, lighting, machinery, computers, copiers, and more. In addition, a building’s heat levels are also impacted by sunlight. The total of all these heat sources combined is the heat load. An accurate calculation of the heat load is crucial in determining the proper sizing of a heating and cooling system.
  • Duct size design – In order for your heating or cooling system to work properly, you need the ductwork to be properly sized. If the ducts are too small, it will reduce the airflow and make it difficult to maintain optimal performance and comfortable temperatures. Those who are adding onto their property and getting a larger heating system than before, must make the necessary alterations to the original ductwork design.
  • Duct network design – The design of the overall layout of your duct system directly impacts the flow of air. Designing the duct network for maximum airflow involves getting several important elements right, including the length, shape, number of bends, and more. This is not a simple task and should be handled by a professional.
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  • System selection – There are several factors that play into selecting a new HVAC system. These include initial costs, operating costs, occupant density, frequency of use, maintenance requirements, noise levels, aesthetics, and environmental impact. It is important to purchase a system that performs strongly on all levels, including in terms of capacity, efficiency, humidity control, sustainability, and indoor air quality.
  • Equipment sizing – Just as ductwork must be adequately sized, so too must the HVAC equipment. There are numerous calculations involved to ensure that the system is neither too small nor too large. For optimal energy efficiency and performance, the system needs to be just the right size.

Project Management for New Construction & Industrial HVAC Projects

Industrial AC Repair, Installation & Maintenance

The success of every project heavily depends on the project planning and execution. From a simple change out of an industrial HVAC system to new construction of homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, and commercial buildings, there are a lot of activities involved. These include coordination between different trades (electrician, roofer, etc.), communication with client and city building officials, and communication between engineering, field staff, and equipment suppliers.

A/C Control Inc’s certified Project Management Professional (PMP) team in Los Angeles has many years of experience in project management and engineering, and we will ensure the success of your project!

We would love to discuss your industrial HVAC project with you.

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