Los Angeles, known for its glamour, amplifies its charm during the holiday season with mesmerizing light displays. From Griffith Park to Candy Can Lane and Rodeo Drive, each spectacle offers a unique holiday experience for the family. Features include sculptural stained glass creations, geometric installations, and an array of illuminated trees and houses.

The Best Christmas Light Displays in Los Angeles

Known for its glitz and glamour, Los Angeles plunges into the holiday season by showcasing an array of captivating light displays, thrilling both residents and visitors. Every light display, from the magnificence of Griffith Park to the neighborhood allure of Candy Cane Lane and the luxuries of Rodeo Drive, aims to offer unique experiences. Despite having a population of nearly four million people, these attractions cater to every family’s enjoyment.

Descano Gardens

Transforming into a magical realm of color and brilliance, the Enchanted: Forest of Light event invites you to an illuminated one-mile pathway, presenting enchanting light shows and the brilliance of towering trees adorned with twinkling lights.

Features comprise a magical town of stained glass creations by a contemporary sculptor, twinkling geometric installations, and the signature Flower Power on the Promenade.

Dates: Nov. 19-Jan 7 (Closed Nov. 23, Dec. 24-25)

Woodland Hills

Embark on an enchanting journey to the neighborhood of Woodland Hills to witness the magic of Candy Cane Lane. Since 1952, this community-led spectacle has been captivating onlookers.

Today, it proudly presents roughly 300 homes adorned with vibrant lights and festive decorations, attracting over 100,000 spectators annually. Candy Cane Lane extends to eight blocks around Lubao Avenue and Oxnard Street.

Dates: Dec. 11-Jan. 1

The Grove

Celebrate where urban sophistication meets holiday charm at The Grove’s Christmas light extravaganza. With a stunning 100-foot Christmas tree adorned with 15,000 lights, it exudes an atmosphere of holiday magic.

Attracting millions of visitors each season, The Grove offers a desirable mix of shopping, dining, and enchanting light displays. And don’t miss the myriad Santa photo opportunities sponsored by Disney+!

Dates: Nov. 17-Dec. 24

Griffith Park

Griffith Park’s Festival of Lights is an iconic winter spectacle. The park’s historic train ride, blanketed with an array of lights synchronized with festive tunes, has been attracting families and friends since 1948.

From the day after Thanksgiving, visitors can ride the one-mile track, weaving through a landscape adorned with thousands of lights.

Dates: Nov. 24-Jan. 7

LA Zoo Lights

Blending wildlife and whimsy, the LA Zoo Lights exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo encapsulates the holiday spirit. Over 1.5 million LED lights transform the zoo into a stunning Christmas spectacle.

The zoo showcases dazzling animal lantern sculptures, towering trees garnished with shimmering ice crystals, and numerous photo spots perfect for Christmas pictures.

Dates: Nov. 17-Jan. 7

Olvera Street

Unfolding over nine days, the annual lighting ceremony at the historic Olvera Street pays homage to the city’s rich Hispanic heritage.

Centered around Avila Adobe, the oldest house in Los Angeles, the festivities light up the street with more than 10,000 glowing bulbs. The nightly program includes children’s piñata, a procession in front of Avila Adobe, and a Rondalla del Sol performance.

Dates: Dec. 16-24

Naples Island

Witness a unique, coastal Christmas lights display on Naples Island in Long Beach. The annual Naples Island Holiday Boat Parade enchants spectators as festively adorned boats sail across the island’s canals under a star-lit sky.

For a different perspective, visitors can hire a gondola to guide them around the island. Don’t miss out on the floating Christmas trees!

Dates: Dec. 4-24

Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive

The transition from old-world allure to modern splendor with Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. During the holiday season, all three blocks metamorphose into a lavish winter wonderland. Sparkling lights adorn high-end boutiques and palm trees alike, attracting shoppers and sightseers.

With the theme Up, Up & Away Holiday!, this year’s celebration includes installations like Glowing Gardens, Lights on the Lily Pond, and the Unwrap the Magic projection show.

Dates: Nov. 16- Jan. 1

Upper Hastings Ranch

Dating back to 1951, the residents of Upper Hastings Ranch in Pasadena join efforts to create an enchanting light display that blankets the entire neighborhood. Now, a homeowner-led initiative transforms their houses into intricate light displays and fosters neighborhood camaraderie. The holly-jolly calendar includes caroling, live bands, and giveaways.

Dates: Dec. 9-30

From Candy Cane Lane’s enchanting streets to Naples Island’s coastal brilliance, every Christmas light display in Los Angeles offers a unique and magical experience. Whether you desire traditional charm or contemporary elegance, Los Angeles boasts a vibrant tapestry of holiday joy, captivating everyone’s hearts. So, bundle up, grab some cocoa, and spread holiday cheer—visit the most popular Christmas lights in the City of Angels.

Los Angeles truly specializes in lighting up the holiday season, offering an array of unique displays that captivate hearts. From traditional charm to contemporary elegance, each display, whether it be on Candy Cane Lane, Naples Island, or elsewhere, promises a magical experience. So this festive season, wrap up warm, prepare a comforting cocoa, and explore the sparkling spectacles of the City of Angels; you’ll undoubtedly be left in awe.