Computer Rooms and server rooms

Cooling for server room and computer room is vital and it is not an option. the risks of excessive heat on your servers cannot be overstated. A business’s data and communication are what keeps them organized and productive and their server rooms and data centers are the heartbeat that keeps it all humming. An improperly maintained climate or unattended temperature raise in a server room can result in loss of business due to downtime, lost productivity and loss of important data if equipment is damagedThe cost of data loss might be millions of dollars and in some cases not reversable!

Trust A/C Control to cool down your computer rooms and maintain the humidity and temperature. There are a lot of engineering design consideration and special equipment selection for server rooms. A/C Control with years of engineering design can provide you the most efficient equipment to keep the room at the right temperature and humidity

Smart Thermostat

What does a smart thermostat do?
Smart thermostats, like other smart devices, allow you to remotely control your home’s temperature via mobile or internet-connected device. This unique capability makes operation more convenient, offering greater control of heating and cooling, and thus, energy savings.

LA Gauge

LA Gauge, an ultra-precision machining company, located in Sun Valley, CA had 60 year old heating and air.

Project Management

The success of every project heavily depends on the project planning and execution. From a simple change out.

Shopping Stores

A/C Control was the project manager and HVAC Contractor for a newretail shopping building in City of Rosemead.


A/C Control engineering team with over 25 years of engineering experiencecan provide you the heating and cooling.

Residential Maintenance

All HVAC systems need to be properly maintained for best performance and longevity. Having continuous.

Commercial Maintenance

For your place of business, heating and air conditioning is not an option. Studies are shown the lack of comfortable HVAC.

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