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AC Control Inc is your local solution for repair, service, and installation of water source heat pump units in Glendale, CA for both residential and commercial.

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Providing an eco-friendly option is a benefit we love to provide and a water source heat pump is an environmentally-friendly choice we offer our Glendale customers. Whether you need maintenance, service or installation, we are honored to be your choice.

Water Source Heat Pump heating and cooling units are an excellent eco-friendly cooling system option! They have fewer working parts, and because there is no coolant in a water source heat pump they are much more environmentally friendly. A/C Control is proud to offer environmentally friendly options to our Glendale, CA community. Being responsible for our planet is important to us. Just as we value our planet we also value the comfort of our customers. Staying cool while having an eco-friendly cooling option is a benefit we love to offer.

Professional Glendale Water Source Heat Pump Services

Whether you need water source heat pump service, installation, maintenance or service A/C Control are experts for both residential and commercial units. We frequently help customers in the Glendale, California area with all of their heat pump unit needs.

We deliver the latest advancements in Heating and Cooling systems like water source heat pump systems, with the most energy-efficient HVAC technologies.

Reduction of airflow, regardless of the type of system you have can compromise the efficiency and damage the unit. Keeping up on service and maintenance is key to the longevity and performance of your unit.

Water Source Heat Pump in Glendale, California (7664)
Glendale water source heat pump:
  • Water Source systems and Heat Pump Installation
  • Coil and Fins Maintenance
  • Filter replacement
  • Heat pump system Service & Repair

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How water source heat pump units work:

water source heat pump draw the heat out of water rather than air, offering proficient performance for residential and commercial applications. Offering year-round temperature control by the use of the heat exchanger, which pumps heat during the winter months and removes it in the summer.

Integrity, Expertise & Value

AC Control Inc serving our customer's heat pump needs in the Glendale community since 2005. We know what it takes to meet our customer's expectations and deliver value for your home and business water source heat pump.

Our experienced and educated team will treat your home like our own because our technician's knowledge and skills are kept current and their experience with Water Source Heat Pump systems is extensive. You can trust AC Control Inc to take care of your home's heating and cooling with solutions that align with your values and needs.

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Water Source Heat Pump is one of the most efficient and reliable systems available for HVAC solutions. Another benefit is the simplistic and effortless design that allows for a longer shelf life for this style of system and reduced cost for repairs and maintenance due to accessibility within the unit itself.

But like all HVAC systems, you will eventually need maintenance, service or repair.

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