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Do you need chilled water fan coil maintenance, service, or repair in Santa Monica? A/C Control has you covered.

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Chilled Water Fan Coil heating and cooling units are excellent eco-friendly cooling systems! They have fewer working parts, and because there is no coolant in chilled water fan coil systems are much more environmentally friendly. A/C Control is proud to offer environmentally friendly options to our Santa Monica community. Being responsible for our planet is important to us. Just as we value our planet we also value the comfort of our customers.  Staying cool while having an eco-friendly cooling option is a benefit we love to offer.

What's The Difference Between A Swamp Cooler & A chilled water fan coil?

An interesting fact is that one of the main differences between a chilled water fan coil and a swamp cooler is that a swamp cooler uses the water at its current temperature from the source, whereas a fan coil system actually cools the water it uses. Because of this distinction, humidity has far less effect on the resulting temperature that the system is able to generate.

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Whether you need chilled water fan coil service, installation, maintenance or service A/C Control are experts for both residential and commercial units. We frequently help customers in the Santa Monica, California area with all of their chilled water system needs.

We deliver the latest advancements in Heating and Cooling systems so you can enjoy the most energy-efficient models of AC, furnace, Chilled Water units, and IAQ systems.

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Santa Monica chilled water fan coil:
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  • Coil burn replacement
  • chilled water fan coil Service & Repair

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How chilled water fan coil units work:

These chilled water units bridle the power of circulating chilled water to distribute exceptional levels of temperature using valves and fan speeds to regulate those temperatures. Air blows over the cold water coils to release a cool breeze into your home or business.

Honesty & Integrity for your Chilled Water Fan Coil Service

When considering a fan coil company around Santa Monica, California, honesty may not be the first thing you think of, but at our core, integrity is who we are.

We aren't pushy and will always service or install your chilled water fan coil, doing it right the first time. We treat our customers as important members of our community. And strive to continually help to get them the most value whenever possible.

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Chilled water systems have far fewer moving parts and on average the physical dimensions are smaller than an AC unit the compacity is the same. The benefits of this kind of heating and cooling system for your HVAC solution are unique and a great option for Santa Monica, California homes and businesses.

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