Heat pumps

Humidity Control

Humidity relief is a prominent concern for those living in moisture heavy areas, both during the summer and throughout the cold winter months. Humidity can make extreme temperatures feel more intense and all-encompassing for those affected. Those who live in high humidity areas need to be able to reduce their moist indoor atmosphere to ensure a more comfortable living environment. Installing a properly functioning air conditioning system can remedy the temperature issues and create an ideal home atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

A quality HVAC unit is capable of removing and reducing existing humidity from indoor air, especially while the air conditioner is in use. These complex systems are, however, typically designed specifically to control temperatures and are not inherently built to remove moisture. Yet for an air conditioning unit to successfully cool the air, it must first remove excess heat-trapping humidity.

Modern-day HVAC systems are exceptional at regulating indoor humidity. These systems have an evaporator coil that condenses water vapor from the air. This process is similar to the appearance of condensation on the outside of a glass containing a cold beverage. This happens when hot, moist air in a home interacts with the cold evaporator coil. The liquid is then condensed out of the air, which creates a less humid, more comfortable living environment. The water condensation collected by the evaporator coil flows through a drain that leads outside, and away from the home.

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