Mini-Split Repair Services

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Mini-split air conditioning systems are famous for their energy efficiency, comfort, and long life.  Unfortunately, even the best technology and equipment can have their difficulties.  Call A/C Control for your mini-split repairs and preventive maintenance.

You can rest assured that A/C Control’s technical specialists in mini-split repair and mini-split installation will serve you with the expertise you need.

Common Repairs for Mini Splits and Ductless Air Conditioners

  • Compressor issues
  • Indoor blower issues
  • Connectivity issues

Compressor issues

Similar to all A/C systems, mini-split compressors sit in the outdoor condenser. The compressor pressures the refrigerant for a complex thermodynamic cycle.  When the compressor is not working properly, your system will blow warm air instead of cold air. Trust A/C Control’s certified and trained technicians to handle the compressors which contain refrigerant.  A/C Control follows all laws and EPA regulations regarding air conditioning refrigerant.

Indoor blower issues

Many mini-split repairs require replacement of indoor blowers. A mini-split blower contains a fan, a small air filter, and a set of coils. The operation of the blower will be negatively affected in the event of a malfunction of these components.  Your A/C Control technicians are authorized to use factory approved parts for these complex machines.

Connectivity issues

The mini-split system is a loop between the indoor air handler, the outdoor condensing unit and the refrigerant pipes.  This loop also contains the electrical cables which power the indoor unit from the outdoor unit.  The vast majority of refrigerant and electrical issues develop during installation.  Your high-quality installation is a planned procedure from A/C Control’s technical managers.

What to Expect from Routine Maintenance on Your Mini-Split System

In addition to mini-split repairs, call A/C Control for preventive maintenance so that your system stays in top condition. During a preventive maintenance check, A/C Control will:

  • Check and clean air filters.
  • Inspect indoor air handlers and coils for cleanliness and airflow.
  • Check drain lines for clogs.
  • Indoor and outdoor coils to be cleaned using specialized brushes and cleaning solutions.
  • Refrigerant lines to be checked for leaks.
  • Refrigerant line insulation to be inspected.
  • Electrical terminals to be inspected and connections tightened if necessary.
  • Motor parts to receive lubrication to prevent friction if needed.
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