Ducted Mini-Split

Traditional ducted systems use a lot of electricity to blow air. Homeowners love the flexibility of ducted mini-split systems. A/C Control installs a single electric outlet for the outside unit, which applies power to the indoor unit. The indoor unit discretely sits inside the attic, crawlspace or closet and is whisper quiet.  The question A/C Control hears the most, “Will this ducted mini-split system be loud?”  Our answer, “Your system is on now, and I don’t hear it either!”

Ducted mini-split systems can be installed in ceilings, attics, closets, or under the floor, but, as with any heating or cooling system, proper load sizing and installation is key. A/C Control ensures proper installation because our qualified engineers perform ACCA Manual J load calculations, which determines the heating and cooling equipment required to appropriately condition the space.

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