Ceiling cassettes

Compact cassette mini-split heating and cooling units

Ductless compact cassette mini-split systems are remarkably discreet. In most cases, compact cassettes units are mounted flush with the surface, often the ceiling – so that no space or light is sacrificed in the room. Compact cassette mini-split units are designed to a standard size specification and fit perfectly in most standard ceiling panel configurations – just like we recognize from office spaces in Los Angeles.

Ductless mini-split cassette units are an ideal solution for heating and cooling large rooms or rooms with cold/hot spots that also have limited floor or wall space. Cassettes can be mounted in standard drop ceilings or in a regular ceiling when sufficient attic space above is available. Mini-split cassettes are an outstanding solution for both commercial and residential applications in Los Angeles.

Ceiling cassettes are a mix of beauty and engineering. Fitting discreetly within the ceiling, A/C Control’s ceiling cassettes are stylish, sleek, and discreet. Energy efficiency is complemented by the motion sensors which detect who is in the room and where for highest comfort.

It’s simple to set up mini split ceiling cassettes, by adjusting vents with a handheld remote control or your phone.

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You will find that A/C Control gives you the highest rated mini-split technology.

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