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virus control COVID-19

Virus control, COVID-19, air conditioning and your health Due to the associated dangers of Coronavirus, the State of California issued a "Safer at Home Order for Control ...

Commercial Hvac Near Me

Many Americans currently live in homes that weren’t built within the last decade, or even the past two or three decades. Meaning that they are energy-hungry, inefficient...

Optimizing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

admin   -   Mar 24, 2020   -   Blog
virus control COVID-19

During the winter and spring months of each year, millions of Americans are affected by the inevitable seasonal virus, as well as uncomfortable springtime allergies. More than fift...

Flu and Allergy Season Have This In Common

admin   -   Mar 24, 2020   -   Blog
Air Conditioning Repair

If you haven’t heard the term already, it’s only a matter of time, as Smart Thermostats are currently dominating the green energy market. As a relatively new face in the eco-co...

What Is a Smart Thermostat and Why Should I Use It?

admin   -   Feb 28, 2020   -   Blog
Commercial Hvac

A/C Control recently encountered a unique project that was a special case for us. A stunning multi-million dollar home in sunny Pacific Palisades was built and promoted as a “gre...

Careful with Your Green Concepts

admin   -   Feb 27, 2020   -   Blog
Ac Repair Los Angeles CA

The invention of air conditioning (and heating) has dramatically changed the livable conditions of our indoor lives- from residential homes to stores, office buildings, and perhaps...

The importance of HVAC in Hospitals and Medicine

admin   -   Feb 26, 2020   -   Blog
Heat pumps

With the change into the new decade, there are lots of benchmarks to celebrate. Entering into an exciting and forward-thinking global atmosphere, we take a look at some valuable me...

HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Just about every commercial and residential building in America shares one common thread- they provide basic human shelter. Regardless of style, function or size, almost every buil...

Landfill Gas LFG chiller

For those of you new to the subject of process chillers, it’s tough to know where to begin. The complexity and breadth of information contained within this one topic are rarely u...

Landfill Gas LFG chiller

Knowledge capital and expertise are what we strive for at A/C Control. As a top AC Repair provider of professional HVAC Contractors across Los Angeles, we are very aware of the spe...

expertise air conditioning installation

A/C Control, Los Angeles’ heating and air conditioning pros, has the expertise to handle your commercial air conditioning installation no matter what size the job is. We have tec...

As a provider of professional HVAC services in Los Angeles, A/C Control was recently contracted to repair an existing BAC FXV-431 cooling tower. While many commercial HVAC installa...

Major Cooling Tower Repair in Los Angeles Done Right

admin   -   Jan 20, 2020   -   Blog

Smart Thermostat

What does a smart thermostat do?
Smart thermostats, like other smart devices, allow you to remotely control your home’s temperature via mobile or internet-connected device. This unique capability makes operation more convenient, offering greater control of heating and cooling, and thus, energy savings.

LA Gauge

LA Gauge, an ultra-precision machining company, located in Sun Valley, CA had 60 year old heating and air.

Project Management

The success of every project heavily depends on the project planning and execution. From a simple change out.

Shopping Stores

A/C Control was the project manager and HVAC Contractor for a newretail shopping building in City of Rosemead.


A/C Control engineering team with over 25 years of engineering experiencecan provide you the heating and cooling.

Residential Maintenance

All HVAC systems need to be properly maintained for best performance and longevity. Having continuous.

Commercial Maintenance

For your place of business, heating and air conditioning is not an option. Studies are shown the lack of comfortable HVAC.

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